Sers of residential buildings need an elevator that will make their everyday activities easier. It should be quick, safe and reliable, big enough to fit a stroller or a wheelchair, and simple enough to operate even for older residents or passengers with their hands full. Sophus elevators deliver all this, with comfort and style.

• Commerical ELEVATORS

An elevator provides access to everyone visiting or working within schools, libraries, churches, multi-family housing or low-rise commercial buildings.

Commercial elevators can be custom-designed to fit the décor and spatial considerations of virtually any environment and are engineered to provide a safe, smooth and worry–free ride for anyone who finds it difficult to use the stairs.


Home lift is essential for a Bungalow & Villas. It can be used by elderly & handicapped users.

  • Professional Manufactures of home life.
  • Complete quality controlled product.
  • Various type of Decorations to choose.
  • Designed on customer request, giving nice out look, perfect performance.
  • Energy saving only 3.0 HP Power, single phase 220V or 380V with low consumption.
  • Accurate level +10 mm for wheel chairs.
  • In built UPS for light & to bring lift to nearest floor.
  • Suitable for different house with various style.
  • Can be fitted in constructed shaft or self supporting shaft by us.

The company designs and develop a wide range of car parking lifts that are fabricated using high-grade raw material, sourced from reliable vendors across the worldwide, and tested on various quality parameters. These can be customized as per the specifications of the clients and delivered within a stipulated time frame.

There is wide application of the above mentioned parking elevators across the following areas

  • Multilevel Parking lots
  • MNCs
  • Malls
  • Shopping Complexes
• Hospital ELEVATORS

This is another area where elevators are essential involving life and death situations. Monarch Elevators can be tailored to meet the needs of large and small hospitals, be it for people, beds or bulky hospital equipment.


Hotel buildings cater for different user groups from busy business travelers to families on vacation. We consider the needs of guests and staff to ensure smooth People Flow™ in all types of hotels from urban skyscrapers to low seaside resorts with Sophus elevators, escalators and automatic building doors.